How to make your workplace look and feel like a factory: a guide

Industrial engineering is a key skill to have in any industry.

But many employers won’t tell you how to get the most out of it.

This guide will help you understand the most important steps to take to ensure your work is done with style.

1: Start your day with a bit of a break 2: Make a few short videos of your work 3: Use social media to get a feel for what’s happening 4: Take your own photos 5: Take a break and see what’s on your feed 6: Work in a different colour on your laptop or smartphone to find the right shade of blue or orange to match the colour of your workspace 7: Set up your workspace and start your day by using your phone to check the weather 8: Get out of your office and check your inbox 9: Take some time to chat with your co-workers 10: Take off the makeup you’re wearing to freshen up 11: Use a camera to get some close-up photos 12: Take up the pen and ink you used for the last five minutes of your shift 13: Use your smartphone to take your picture and share it 14: Use the smartphone app to check your email inbox 15: Take photos of your favourite items, and put them on Instagram 16: Take selfies 17: Take more selfies than you would like 18: Use Instagram to show off your workplace accomplishments 19: Set a timer for yourself 20: Have some coffee and a cup of tea 21: Check out your Instagram feed and share some of your photos 22: Get in a chat with a colleague 23: Have a chat on your phone with someone else 24: Take an early morning break 25: Check your email 26: Have another cup of coffee 27: Check Instagram for the latest news and updates 28: Go to your favourite news website 29: Go back to your inbox 30: Check the weather for your area 31: Go for a walk with a friend 32: Have dinner with a co-worker 33: Have tea with a group of friends 34: Make dinner for a group 35: Check social media for the weather 36: Take pictures of your own clothes 37: Have lunch with a guest 38: Have coffee with a client 39: Take out your phone and take a photo 40: Go out for some shopping with a local shop 41: Take in some fresh air 42: Head to the grocery store 43: Go shopping for a gift 44: Check a friend’s Instagram for updates on what they’re selling 45: Take home some extra cash 46: Go on holiday with your family 47: Check an Instagram feed for updates 48: Take photographs of the day 49: Take one for your friend 50: Go home to bed 51: Take the stairs 52: Get a cup or two of coffee and take some photos 53: Have more tea 54: Go outside 55: Have an afternoon snack 56: Have fun with friends 57: Take part in a group video chat 58: Go through your work items 59: Go straight to bed 60: Get dressed for your next shift 61: Have breakfast 62: Check Facebook 63: Get coffee with your friend 64: Take down some photos 65: Take another selfie 66: Go grocery shopping 67: Take lunch with your partner 68: Take that morning off 69: Check email 70: Have one more cup of joe 71: Go and do something else related to your work project 72: Check some more work related emails 73: Take notes 74: Get your work done 75: Check if your co, manager, or HR person is around 76: Head back to work 77: Check for updates from the office 78: Have your co take you on a walk 79: Have dessert 80: Head out for a bike ride 81: Go the gym for exercise 82: Get some exercise 83: Get away from work 84: Check in on your co’s birthday 85: Take time out to catch up on some emails 86: Take this morning off to get away from your co 87: Take over some work for your co 88: Head over to the coffee shop 89: Go ahead and check Facebook 90: Have something to eat 91: Go over to your co 92: Check that your co is still online 93: Go see if you can find your co at the coffee shops 94: Head down to your office to catch your co 95: Go online for some work 96: Go buy a gift for your boss 97: Head outside for some outdoor exercise 98: Take yourself to the gym 99: Head in the garden 100: Go a walk or do some exercise 101: Go up and check social media 102: Take on a new challenge 103: Go in a new direction 104: Take to the streets 105: Take stock of your day 106: Take two walks 107: Go do some yoga 108: Go hiking 109: Take it easy and do some cardio 110: Take three walks 111: Go skiing 112: Take swimming lessons 113: Go snowshoeing 114: Take skiing lessons