What’s the latest on the murals on the Detroit Red Wings?

On March 5, 2015, the Detroit Hockey Club unveiled a mural on the east side of Joe Louis Arena.

The mural depicts an American flag with the words “USA” and “America.”

The Detroit Red Wing logo was also featured.

The mural is the first of a series of murals that will be installed on the Red Wings’ home ice, the Joe Louis Sports Complex, beginning in 2017.

The Red Wings have the rights to the logo on the south side of the building, as well as on the ice.

Detroit was one of the first NHL cities to announce plans to install the mural on the arena, which opened in 1998.

The murals are part of a $1.9 billion investment in the sports complex, which will include a $750 million arena and suites.

The murals were inspired by the Detroit Tigers and the team’s history and history in Detroit.

The Wings have played at Joe Louis since its first season in 1979, and have won the Stanley Cup six times.