Which women’s designer has the best dress?

By DAVID R. HAYES | Updated March 17, 2018 06:15:25STARTING SEPTEMBER 30TH: WOMEN’S DRESS: Victoria Beckham dresses by designer Victoria Beckham are on sale at select retailers in September.

The actress, who has made an impact on fashion and makeup since her debut in 2007, is also launching a line of cosmetics and hair products for women.

The new line will launch Sept. 30.

BEST OF: The collection will include a collection of four makeup-infused lipstick shades.

BRIDESMAID: Bridesmaid dresses will be available in September from select retailers including Urban Outfitters and Ralph Lauren.

SWEET: Halloween makeup is available in select retailers.

GREAT BRIDE: A collection of lipsticks, shades, nail polish, blush, lip glosses and other fun makeup items will be on sale from Sep. 30 through Dec. 15.

SHOP NOW: Shop now for an assortment of designer women’s beauty products.

MAKEUP MASTERCLASS: Makeup classes will be offered in select stores from Sept. 29 through Dec, 14.

BLACK SIDES: Blacks will have an opportunity to participate in the Black Lives Matter NYC and Makeup for All program from Sept 29 through Oct. 3.

CAT WOMEN: Black women will be invited to attend a special event from Sept 30 through Oct 7.

MOMMIES’ BEST: Moms’ beauty products will be sold at select beauty retailers.

For more information on beauty, visit brands.yahoo.com/blacklivesmatter or go to the brands site to learn more.