New apartments to go up in miller industrial cities

MILLER, Iowa (AP) Industrial robots are on the rise in cities across the country, but they’re also finding their way into apartment buildings.Industrial automation and industrial apartments are becoming popular options for apartment dwellers who need to get around quickly.That’s […]

Canada’s booming coal industry could see more job losses after coal mining shutdown

A federal government announcement Friday says coal mining companies in southwestern Canada are being forced to lay off tens of thousands of employees as a result of a shutdown of coal mining operations that began in April.In a statement, Environment […]

What’s happening in the music industry as a whole

What’s changing in the job market?As Australia’s economy has recovered from the Great Recession, the music, fashion, hospitality, film, retail, publishing and sporting industries have been hit hard by the downturn.The music industry employs more than 4.5 million Australians and […]

Which industries are being valued more highly in 2020?

The value of each industry is a measure of its ability to generate revenue.This year’s industrial property valuations are being driven by three categories of industries: manufacturing, construction and utilities.Manufacturing is the biggest driver of economic growth.But it has also […]

‘The worst thing we can do is to let our standards get out of whack’

As a result, there has been a shift in focus from the scientific community to industry and politicians.The International Council of Scientific Research (ICSR), an organisation which supports scientists and industry, said it was concerned that the UK’s National Health […]

The Industrial Organization is a Sociology of the Mind

Industrial Organization (IoO) is a social psychology that explores the processes of organization in human societies.Its most famous practitioners include evolutionary psychologist David Sloan Wilson, the author of The Selfish Gene and the psychologist David Bordewell.In the late 19th century, […]