New apartments to go up in miller industrial cities

MILLER, Iowa (AP) Industrial robots are on the rise in cities across the country, but they’re also finding their way into apartment buildings.

Industrial automation and industrial apartments are becoming popular options for apartment dwellers who need to get around quickly.

That’s especially true in the Midwest and the Southeast, where cities are seeing more of the jobs they need to keep up with the rapid rise of tech-driven industries.

In the Midwest, where industrial robots are now being used in factories, it’s a boom industry.

In Minnesota, the city of Minneapolis is in the process of building two new industrial apartments.

They’re set to go online in January and cost about $900,000.

The first apartment will be for employees and contractors at the nearby miller plant.

The second is for people who need a home away from home.

The first industrial apartment will house a couple and a young family.

It will have a small living room with a kitchenette, a dresser, a cabinet and an air conditioning unit.

It’s equipped with a fridge, microwave and air conditioner.

The family will stay in the second apartment for up to five nights a week.

The third apartment will have more bedrooms.

It is also equipped with an air condition, microwave, air conditioning and a sink.

The second apartment is designed for the people who live in that second apartment and don’t want to move out.

They need space for their kids, their pets, their books and their computers.

It has a living room, bathroom and a bedroom.

It also has a large window to look out on the neighborhood.

The apartment also has storage and an additional bedroom.

A typical industrial apartment would have two bedrooms, three bathrooms and an outdoor terrace.

The industrial robots aren’t just being used for construction jobs, though.

A lot of them are being used as a way to help people stay warm in the winter.

The building is also designed to offer a cozy environment to those who don’t have access to a home.

It features an open-air deck for people to walk around on and a fire pit for people that are trying to get out.

It can also be converted into a home studio.

In Iowa, one of the most populous states in the country and the home of the largest manufacturing plants, miller is in a boom year.

More than 2,000 jobs were added during the last year, and the region has added more than 5,000 new jobs.

The last manufacturing jobs that were added were in the mid-1990s.