What’s the Industrial Arts Brewing’s new beer?

The Industrial Arts Brewery is opening a beer garden at its new location in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.

The building was originally slated for demolition in 2014, but the owner of the building is now working on a new plan.

The brewery is opening at 2221 Market St. The site currently houses the West End Cafe, which is one of Pittsburgh’s best known restaurants.

The space was renovated in late 2015, but it was left vacant for two years, after the former owners took it over.

The landlord wanted the space to be converted into a brewery, but they couldn’t find the funds to build it.

The owners of the old building said they wanted to renovate the building and create a brewery space, but a few weeks ago, the building was sold.

The new building is much more modern, and it looks more like a hotel than a brewery.

The bar area will have seating for around 20, while the brewery is located just a few feet away from the bar area.

The walls will be covered with industrial pipes.

The industrial bar area and beer garden are part of the Industrial Art Brewing, which was established in 2015.

The brewery is owned by the industrial arts brewing, which focuses on brewing small batches and then selling them to a broader audience.

The building was initially slated for destruction in 2014.

However, the owner is now building a new building, and is using a variety of crowdfunding and equity financing options to get it up and running.

The former owners of their building were unable to find the money to build the brewery, so the building’s previous owner turned it into a parking garage.

This is a pretty cool brewery space.

We’re actually doing a lot of the work.

And the community is really excited about it.

It’s kind of the coolest thing, you know, I mean, I’m really proud to have that space.

It’s got a really cool vibe, and I think it’ll be a really good fit for what the brewery’s trying to do.

The Industrial Arts will have an entry level tasting room and a full bar.

The brewing facility will be accessible to the public, and there will be an art gallery, as well.

They are planning to brew up to 300 barrels of beer per year.