India to buy 2,000 helicopters, 50 aircrafts, 200 vehicles as part of new defence plan

NEW DELHI: The Defence Ministry on Tuesday announced a plan to purchase 2,200 helicopters, 500 aircrafts and 200 vehicles for the country’s military and its regional allies in a move to boost defence capabilities and reduce reliance on foreign suppliers.

The move comes after India on Tuesday agreed to buy 1,500 MiG-29 fighter jets, the most advanced aircraft in its fleet, as part in the countrys first military buy by the Defence Acquisition Council (DA).

The purchase of the helicopters and the fighter jets will also reduce reliance by Indian allies on Russian and Chinese aircraft makers.

India will buy the MiG aircraft to help it improve its fleet of MiG fighter jets and to provide a boost to its ground force, which has been criticised for its performance.