How many workers at Tesla factory in Michigan are still in the workforce

Detroit — The workers at the Tesla factory located in southern Michigan are staying put, despite being laid off.

The company said Monday that it would remain open to hiring more workers in the future, but it did not disclose the number of workers at its Gigafactory manufacturing facility in Kalamazoo, Mich.

The decision by Tesla to stay open in the face of the national economy is a sign of the company’s resilience in a time of economic uncertainty, but the decision comes amid mounting criticism of its manufacturing business.

The Gigafactor is the world’s largest factory of lithium-ion batteries.

Its production capacity, which has been growing steadily, is projected to increase from roughly 2 million lithium-air cells a month at its peak in the 2020s to nearly 8 million a month by 2030, according to the company.