Australian business owners: ‘This is a very serious situation’

Grainger industrial supplier Hercules industries says it has been ordered by the Federal Government to stop supplying equipment to the Queensland Government.

Key points: Grainger says it is being ordered to stop its imports from the Queensland Labor Government due to concerns about its quality and safety requirements Grainger said it is also being asked to stop exporting goods to other states and territories as a result of the order Grainger’s chief executive said it was not the first time the state had faced import restrictions Mr Grainger and company has been accused of working with other companies to reduce the risk of an imported product being contaminated with disease-causing bacteria and parasites Mr Grainge said Grainger would continue to sell its products to other jurisdictions as well as importing goods from overseas Mr Graening said Grainge was working with his local partner, the Queensland Food & Allied Workers Union, and other partners in the state to ensure the company is able to meet the requirements of its Australian customers.

“I would say the most important thing to do is work together with the other partners to make sure that this is a business that is able, as it were, to deliver on its obligations,” Mr Graing said.

He said the company was working through a number of options including working with a foreign supplier to meet its requirements.

“We are very disappointed to be facing this,” Mr Grange said.

“It is a matter that we are in the process of working through with the State Government and the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to try and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.”

This is not the end of the road.

It’s not the worst situation we have had with the Queensland government.

“Mr Grainge is also asking the Queensland Agriculture & Water Resources Department to investigate the matter and seek to establish the source of the contamination, and said he hoped it would not lead to a situation in which the company’s products were not available to customers.

Mr Graing is also seeking to have the State and Federal governments to allow Grainger to export its products back to Queensland, where it has a long-term supply agreement.

The company is currently based in Port Douglas, in central Queensland.

Mr Grange was unavailable for comment on Tuesday.

Queensland Labor has been criticised for its handling of the Grainger situation.

In May, Mr Grainging announced the closure of the state’s sole factory in Port Macquarie for “technical reasons”.

It was the state Government’s first industrial closure in a decade.

In a statement at the time, Mr Granges said Graing had worked closely with the company to ensure it complied with its Australian manufacturing obligations.”

Our manufacturing agreements with the Federal and Queensland governments are extensive and we are pleased that we have been able to achieve a satisfactory result for the Australian public,” he said.

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