Which countries are driving the cruise industry?

1.Australia (18.3%) 2.New Zealand (16.8%) 3.Canada (16%) 4.United Kingdom (16%), Norway (16%).5.France (15%) 6.Germany (15.9%) 7.Switzerland (15%).8.Mexico (15%), United States (15%).9.United States of America (14.8%), Australia (14%) 10.United Arab Emirates (14%).11.South Korea (14%), France (13.5%), United Kingdom, Australia (13%).12.Germany, France […]

Air compressors may become key in global oil market, analysts say

The industry is growing, but oil demand is still falling and the market is unlikely to recover to pre-oil levels by the end of this decade, analysts said on Tuesday.Key points:A new report predicts demand for oil will increase by […]

When an industrial company can’t compete against an inferior product, what can it do?

This article is an excerpt from The Lad bible, a daily newsletter that is distributed by the Association for Applied Rationality.It is published by the association’s Educational Media Division.In this article, we explore why an industrial product can’t be the […]