Industrial revolution: What are the most important industries for India’s economy?

A massive expansion of industrial industries has helped India to become a global hub for the global textile industry and the textile industry has also been a major beneficiary of the country’s technological advances.The textile industry in India is the […]

How green thumb industries are changing the world

AUGUSTA, Ga.(AP) Green thumb industries have become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the United States, but a new study says it’s also become a hotbed for pollution.The Green Umbrella Industries Association says green thumb businesses employ more than 6.6 […]

When does a woman have to take on the role of a wrestling company?

FourFourFive is a new series about life in the workplace, in the news, and on the go.Like FourFourFour, this podcast is brought to you by FourFourSeven, which provides some great savings on your next purchase with a savings of up […]

How to get the perfect photo with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (and the Galaxy S6 Edge+)

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Edge, the world’s first phablet, was a pretty sweet looking phone.The Galaxy S4 was the best-looking phablets of the time.Samsung has done some amazing work in this space, but the Galaxy Note is the only phablett […]