Canada’s booming coal industry could see more job losses after coal mining shutdown

A federal government announcement Friday says coal mining companies in southwestern Canada are being forced to lay off tens of thousands of employees as a result of a shutdown of coal mining operations that began in April.In a statement, Environment […]

A sweet, simple, and cute way to clean up after yourself with the industrial cleaning supplies

Baking soda and soda pop can be good for your teeth but they’re not really good for cleaning your teeth.They’re good for washing the mouth and can remove plaque.They also help you clear up your breath, which is good for […]

BMW plans to invest $2 billion in Australia’s oil and gas industry

BMW AG will invest more than $2.5 billion to develop a joint venture to develop oil and natural gas production facilities in Australia, the company said Thursday.In a statement, the German carmaker said it would seek investment in the oil […]